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Weighing the impact of bankruptcy on your life: An overview

Tweet Are you contemplating filing bankruptcy to discharge your unsecured debts? If so, you need to acquire information on positive as well as negative side effects of bankruptcy, before filing petition with the court. Filing bankruptcy is considered to be an important financial step and it can affect different aspect of your life. Well, you...

Strong Enforcement Mechanism | National Mortgage Settlement

Tweet The success of a number of well-intentioned programs has been stalled by voluntary servicer participation and a lack of compliance oversight. The five national banks party to the settlement will be required to report compliance to an independent, outside monitor that reports to state attorneys general on a regular basis. State attorneys general and...

Establishment of Loan Portal | National Mortgage Settlement

Tweet Processes have improved recently, but many members still report that lost documents requiring multiple submissions continue to cause delays. The five major servicers have agreed to consolidate information for borrowers by creating online loan portals that will provide borrows with access to information, eligibility factors for loss mitigation programs and inform borrowers of missing...

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